WikiLeaks Trashes Craig Wright, Says He’s Not Satoshi


As a large number of the cryptocurrency community continues to attack Craig Wright after he threatened to sue Hodlonaut for libel with CoinGeek founder, Calvin Ayre, placing a $5,000 BSV on anyone who knows the identity of Hodlonaut, several tweets of Wikileaks claiming the nChain Scientist is a “fraud” have surfaced.

WikiLeaks Says Craig Wright is a Fraud

Early 2019, WikiLeaks’s put forward different evidence to show Craig Wright did not create Bitcoin.

On Feb 11, 2019, WikiLeaks claimed with its evidences that Wright’s has hands in some economic fraud as shown in tweets he posted 10 years ago.



There is evidence Craig Wright engaged in investment and R&D tax rebate fraud. One of his businesses has removed a key doc in the last hours

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WikiLeaks maintained that Wright had taken part in “investment and R&D tax rebate fraud”, stating that one of his initiatives removed a key document purposely to keep a lid on the issue. While the 2015 tweet received little engagement, nonetheless, WikiLeaks did not release the evidence to the public.



The Bernie Madoff of , Craig S. Wright, who keeps forging documents to make it seem that he is Bitcoin’s pseudonymous inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, caught again, this time forging a “2001” antecedent to Nakamoto’s first Bitcoin paper. 

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Craig Replies WikiLeaks

After trashing Craig, the “The Bernie Madoff of Bitcoin”, responded in a blog post in February 2019, where he criticised the embattled Founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, calling his business “a criminal markets and bucket shops”

He likened Assange to “Ross Ulbricht”, saying the two and “others like him are criminals”. Craig, said they and their ilk are predators.

More Allegations

Responding to Craig claims, WikiLeaks through different tweets pointed to the crypto community that Craig attempted to raise money for his business projects and at the same time attempting to escape court action.

Afterward, WikiLeaks said it personally has information on series of offences, bordering document forgery and fraud, which were committed by Wright.

WikiLeaks then point to GitHub repository (a copy here) containing a detailed proves to show Wright’s alleged falsifications and inaccurate statements.



Serial fabricator who claims to be inventor of Bitcoin, Craig S. Wright, now claims that Bitcoin was always pro-state and that he always worked for the prosecution, as he tries to raise money for business project and escape court action. 

Careful what you wish for…

I moved to the UK in October 2015. We still had business interests there, so I would fly to and from Australia but my home was already to…

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Meanwhile, a large number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are attacking Craig Wright on his decision to sue Hodlonaut, while Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin also followed the same trend by calling him a fraud.


While you’re at it, can you also call out @proffaustus (Craig S Wright) for being a fraud and lying about being Satoshi?

Vitalik Non-giver of Ether


@ProfFaustus stop being a fraud, please. You’re not Satoshi. That said, your tweets make a great living argument for the movement.

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Do you think BSV should be deleted on popular exchanges like Binance? A penny for your thought!



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