What’s UK Parliament Actually Voting On Today


March 29 is finally here – the day Britain should have finally left the European Union after years of referendum campaigning, drawn-out negotiations and late night podium speeches from the prime minister.

But instead of a day of celebration for Brexiteers – some of whom spent the last two weeks marching from Sunderland to London for what should have been a victory rally in Parliament Square – an exhausted Prime Minister Theresa May is still desperately trying to flog her Brexit deal.

On Friday afternoon, members of Parliament (MPs) will once again vote on the prime minister’s plan – but with one big difference. Unlike the first two meaningful votes, only the withdrawal agreement – the part which sets out the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU – will be voted on.

In a bid to finally push May’s deal through the House of Commons, the government revealed yesterday that the political declaration, which sets out the framework for the future trade relationship, would not be included in the ballot.

But what does this mean for Brexit – and what will happen if MPs once again refuse to back the deal? Or if – against all the odds – the prime minister is finally granted a victory?



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