Revealed: Manchester City’s Exclusion From Next UCL Is ‘Possible’


Manchester City excluded from the Champions League? A possibility, not a certainty. To make things clear, Marco Bellinazzo, a financial expert in sports, spoke to Radio 24 to clarify the situation.

“UEFA’s ruling on Manchester City is expected between 7-10 days. A more complex decision that is therefore still being considered by the judges. It is necessary to understand what UEFA investigators have in their hands,” he said.

“Football Leaks’ documents? I don’t think UEFA will exclude the city due to them but the question is if UEFA has the cards (which we do not know) of unpaid payments through Qatar. City would risk a lot on the basis of documents that we are not aware of.

“However, if we consider what we do know, I do not think there is a risk of exclusion. There is the possibility of a Milan-esque situation with an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, it is difficult to see City not play the Champions League next season,” Bellinazzo concluded.



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