Nigerian Women Rush For Ghanaian Sealed “Soup”


Some Nigerian women on Tuesday at the ongoing Lagos International Trade Fair were seen picking made in Ghana “soup” sealed and packaged in sachets.

It was surprising to many at the fair that Nigerians, especially women, were rushing to pick the sealed “soup” identified as “Shito” at a Ghanaian stand.

One of the women, who identified herself as Tessy Imagoro, a banker, said the already made soup would save her from cooking always.

“This soup in sachet will save me from cooking soup because of my busy schedule, thanks to this product,” she said.

Another woman, a journalist, Taiye Odu, said she had never seen that kind of innovation before.

“I am buying this because I see others buying, since it can be kept in freezer and microwave later, I think it can save my time too,” Odu said.

Another woman, Nneka Williams, who is an entrepreneur, said she was buying the product so that she could work on related ideas and as well introduce it to Nigerian market.

The manager, Mr David Amoah, said that the products were mostly patronised by women and were really in high demand more than expected.

“The soup is already cooked with ingredients and there is no need to cook it any longer, it can be eaten cold or hot.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the women were picking more than one pack of the product which was packaged in 500 grammes and sold for N1000.

It is sealed and packaged in red sachet and in its nutritional content featured pepper, tomato, onion, fish, crayfish and sauce.



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