Ghanaian Entertains Guests With Live Drawing Of Jonathan

People gathered to watch Kpoha dramatise his drawing process, with his display of dancing, jumping and other skills as he drew Jonathan on Paper with pencils.
Kpoha who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria after completing the drawing process said he was motivated into drawing the former President as part of his contribution to the book launch.
“I just want to present this sketch and present it to former President Jonathan as a way of my contribution to the launching of his book ”My Transition Hours. “
He said that he had been in sketch drawing for the past 13 years and it took  him an average of 50 minutes to transform an image on paper.
“I did not check the time that I started this particular sketch but  people watching me should know. I am sure this was not up to 50 minutes.”
The young Ghanaian said that his wish was to get one of the aides to the former President to help him present the sketched image to Jonathan as a gift on the day of the book launch.
Kpoha said that he came into Nigeria For a competition about two weeks ago and he decided to still stay to explore his drawing talent in Nigeria.
“I want to explore my talent to the rest of the world,  promoting peace with my art work.
Kpoha was born on March 24, 1998 at Akatsi in the Volta region of Ghana but grew up in Lome, Togo, where Realpen pencil lost his parents at the age of two. 
Orphaned at the early age, Realpen pencil, survived through entertaining his peers and adults in his neighborhood.
But Realpen pencil discovered his real talent at the age of seven, when he began drawing people with pens and pencils in a unique style, hence the nickname, “Realpen Pencil”.
Other highlights upfront of the venue was live band display and sales of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  emblems and tags, as well as those into photography business snapping guests to earn a living. 
NAN reports that there was tight security around the venue with security personnel of the Nigerian Police, Federal Road Safety Corps,  Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps  strategically positioned to maintain peaceful and easy flow of traffic.
Despite the intervention of the men of the FRSC, it took an average of 25 minutes to drive into the hotel car park as dignitaries within and outside the  country, including the Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Governors, Diplomatic Representatives and party Chieftains honoured the occasion.


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