Avengers: Endgame footage description features a scene between Captain Marvel and the Avengers (Movies)


As we await a second trailer ahead of the film’s release next month, Disney shareholders were treated to a special sneak peek of a scene from Avengers: Endgame yesterday – one that sees Carol Danvers teaming with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The footage begins at the Avengers’ HQ, with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel in attendance alongside Captain America, Black Widow, Rhodey, Bruce Banner, Rocket, Nebula and Thor, as the heroes discuss how they plan to tackle Thanos following his devastating victory in Avengers: Infinity War. After agreeing to take the fight to the Mad Titan, we then cut to a scene in the Milano as the team prepares for take off, with Rocket warning them not to throw up in his ship as they blast off into space.

Here’s the description via Twitter:

Scott Ladewig@Ladewig

The Avengers Endgame scene they showed was at Avengers HQ, Captain Marvel saying let’s go kill Tanos. Nebula says she knows where he is. Rocket says biggest energy surge ever seen on Earth when he used the glove, but it was seen again on another planet shortly after.

Scott Ladewig@Ladewig

So that’s where Thanos is retiring to. Quick exchange between CapA, Natasha, Bruce, Rhodey, and CapM. Bruce asks what guarantee the ey have this ends differently. Cap M says they have her this time.

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Scott Ladewig@Ladewig

Rhodey asks where she was because they could have used her before. Cap M says a lot of other planets out there need help and they don’t have Avengers like Earth has. Thor gets up from sitting quietly in back, walks up to Cap M, and summons his axe…

Scott Ladewig@Ladewig

Which whizzes right past Cap M (she doesn’t flinch) into his hand and he says “I like this one.” Cut to Milano, everybody buckled in, Cap M in copilot seat.



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